CaptaCoin gives you the tools to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with a single login.

Track your Portfolio:
Get accurate information of the holdings you have in each wallet and on each of the Exchanges.  Track all your trades view profit and loss information.  Many of the latest Alt-Coins are supported.  

Simple to Use:
Enter your coin trades, deposits or withdraws and see your coin balances update automatically.  Our web based app is so simple to use, you can have your portfolio loaded in minutes.

Transaction History:
Every trade, deposit or withdraw is captured in the Transaction History making it easy to see a history of all activity.

Privacy and Security:
Captacoin by Captasoft is not a wallet and we do not hold any of your coins or private keys.  Captasoft has over 10 years of experience developing customer facing applications for the financial, real estate and energy sectors which require high levels of security and privacy.  As a result we take security and privacy very seriously.   All our servers operate under encrypted HTTPS protocol and your data is encrypted and protected.

We are actively improving CaptaCoin.  Look for new features such as a Watchlist, Multiple Portfolios, and Reporting Tools coming in the future.  Captacoin by Captasoft was developed to make crypto investing simple and easy.   

Organize Your Currency

Easily track your coin holdings across multiple wallets and exchanges.

Free SIgn-Up

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All data is encrypted and protected by a professional software development team


Captacoin Cryptocurrency Tracker and Portfolio Manager is conducting a limited beta for interested earlier users.  As a member of Captacoin Beta test, you can take part in shaping Captacoin Cryptocurrency Tracker and Portfolio Manager by test driving our software and letting us know what you think. If you're interested fill out the form below.

How do I participate?

As a member of the Captacoin Beta test, you will have access to our web based application and the opportunity to evaluate the CaptaCoin Cryptocurrency toolset, feature and concepts.  You'll also have the ability to provide feedback directly to Captacoin by using the software and by a direct feedback form.  You can assist us by identifying potential issues, tips on how the application can best suit your needs and even provide us any wishlist items or feature requests.

Beta Code

You will need a code value in order to register. We call it a "Beta Code". To receive your Beta Code fill out the form below.

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